Transform your teams

Bring visibility. Enhance efficiency. Track activities.

More than just time tracking or activities logging, Taskivities is about teams reflecting, writing, presenting, and building trust.

Creative Agencies

Don't invoice time. Invoice value.
Use your client reports to communicate that.
Capture it at the best moment, right then.

Product & Engineering

Maximize cross-functional team visibility by organizing information around people and projects. Streamline communication for optimal productivity.

Professional Services

Manage your time and tasks across numerous projects in one go. Bring real time visibility to your clients by adding them as viewers to their projects.

Product Features

Joy for teams, Trust with clients, Visibilty for all

Activity logging for teams

A simple interface for team members to always keep the tab open, add logs and review throughout the day

Ability to include document links and screenshots so the logs remain useful and referenceable.

Project members can view logs of their entire team,


View reports by project and members

A sleek reporting interface that gives everyone an in-depth view into everything happening in a project and what each team member is working on

Add clients as Viewers so they have instant real-time reports


Shorter than tweeting and precise.

We don't have a hundred options. A simple interface so you can enjoy logging the amazing things you are working on.

Team members and viewers get a focused view of their assigned projects.


Bring Visibility to your Teams

A team habit to adopt. Track your work. Bring visibility to your work. Help one another.

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Manage projects and member access
Add External users as Viewers
View and share up to 2 month history

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Large Teams

$ 50

Upto 50 user/ month

Everything in Free & Small Team, and
Custom domain for your team
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